Mineral Processing Machine

Mineral Processing Machine
Forui provides customers with magnetic separator including iron separator, manganese concentration plant, mineral separator, tin separation machine, etc.
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Separation Machine-
Circular Vibrating Screen


Description of Separation Machine Circular Vibrating Screen:

The circular vibrating screen makes round movement. it has multilayer, which is widely used for classification in the fields like mining, building materials, chemical industry, metallurgy and mineral processing industry. This product has the advantages of high screening efficiency, small noisy, sturdy and durable.
Circular vibrating screen is an important mineral processing machine that makes the screen box to vibrate by using the vibration generator which has an eccentric block, and the trajectory is circular or approximate circular. It has the characteristics of simple structure, low manufacturing and maintenance costs and can be widely used in the industrial screening.
The feature of the circular vibrating screen is that the center lines of vibration exciter and belt pulley are in a straight line; as a result the vibration generator and belt pulley axis are involved in vibration. Screen box supports in the base through the spring, the axle with eccentric block is installed on the lateral plate of the sieving box through the bearing and the bearing block.
The rotate of principal axis and the inertia force of the eccentric block makes the sieving box to vibrate; the belt pulley and the sieving box vibrate at the same time. The stiffness of the vibration isolation spring is small which makes the screening machine can operate under the far above resonance condition.
The new type Circular Vibrating Screen produced by Forui adopts flexible connection transmission model rather than triangle belt, improving the equipment normal operation time, reduce the maintenance rate.

Advantages of Forui Separation Machine Circular Vibrating Screen:

A. Durable structure and long bearing lifetime;
B. Mature technology and low failure rate;
C. High screening efficiency and large producing capacity;
D. Simple structure and convenient replacement of the screen.

More Mineral Processing Machine in Forui:

Forui provides customers with magnetic separator including iron separator, manganese concentration plant, mineral separator, tin separation machine, etc. You won’t fail to get your ideal mineral processing machine in Forui.

Technical Parameters:

Model Screen Area
Screen Size
Feed Size(mm)
Processing Capacity
Vibration Frequency
YZ918 1.4 3-30 100 3-25 800-970 1930*1700*1600 5.5 680
2YZ924 1.9 3-30 100 4-38 800-970 2490*1700*1800 5.5 1400
YZ1020 2.0 3-30 100 5-37 900 2160*1770*1075 5.5 1400
YZ1230 3.2 3-50 200 7.5-78 800-970 3073*2030*1611 5.5 1750
2YZ1230 3.2 3-50 200 7.5-78 800-970 3122*2050*2247 5.5 2345
3YZ1230 3.6 3-50 200 15-86 940 3200*2145*2300 7.5 2700
3YZ1236 3.9 3-50 200 9-93 800-970 3900*2300*2700 11 4000
3YZ1542 5.7 5-50 400 50-208 800-970 4400*2610*2857 15 5336
YZ1548 6.4 5-50 400 22-162 800-970 5650*2528*3400 15 5800
YZ1848 8.64 5-100 400 22-206 755 4802*3009*2860 15 6089
2YZ1848 8.64 5-100 400 22-206 750 4802*3009*2860 15 6189
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