Antimony Ore Enrichment Plant

Antimony Ore Enrichment Plant
Antimony ore enrichment plant can be hand selection, gravity separation, floatation and bombination enrichment according to the specific properties of antimony ore.
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According to beneficiation process, Antimony ore is mainly divided  three categories: antimony sulfide ores-stibnite; mixed sulfide-antimony oxide ores-antimony sulfide ores and stibnite; antimony ores with complex metal sulfides, containing lead, tungsten, mercury, gold and other metal sulfides. These metals can form a metal minerals symbionts. Enrichment method for these three antimony are mainly hand selection, gravity separation and flotation. For complex antimony ore beneficiation, two or even three beneficiation process for combination processing. Antimony ore beneficiation is relatively simple, and beneficiation process design shall be based on the physicochemical properties.

Hand selection is workable since there is difference in color, luster and shape between the antinony and gangue.

Gravity separation can be applied to the enrichment of most antimony, which can be easily get the antimony ore separated due to its big specific gravity and coarse grain particles. Especially for antimony oxide enrichment, gravity separation is the most effective way considering it is difficult to get good enrichment effect with flotation method.

Flotation is the most important enrichment method for antimony ore beneficiation. Antimony sulfide ore is easy to float and stibnite enrichment offen use lead salt as an activator, and then use collecting agent for flotation. The commonly used collecting agent includes butyl xanthate and mixture of sulfur and nitrogen with shale oil. Foaming agent is pine oil or the 2# oil.

For the enrichment of simple antimony sulfide ores, the enrichment line can be hand selection-gravity separation-flotation, get massive, granular and powdered antimony ore concentrate. For antimony oxide ores enrichment, use gravity separation. For the enrichment of sulfide-antimony oxide, the method can be flotation and gravity separation.


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