Scheelite Ore Dressing

Scheelite Ore Dressing
The coarse-grained disseminated or uneven distributed scheelite ore can be pre-enrichment by gravity ore dressing jig machines. The appropriate beneficiation process and ore dressing equipments can help a lot.
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The scheelite ore is a natural ore with granular shape, white and yellow color and fat luster. The color of pure scheelite is orange with big double cone crystal shape, and the tip is transparent with dark orange color. It symbiosis with calcite muscovite and black cassiterite, and the scheelite and calcite are fluorescent. Heated or under ultraviolet radiation, it shows purple. The scheelite ore is the main raw material for tungsten refining. However, the natural scheelite ore is low grade ore which can not be used for industrial production. So the ore dressing process is necessary for its usage in industrial production. Here is some picture about the scheelite ore dressing site:


The flotation process is the main ore-dressing method for scheelite ore. Forui flotation machine can be used as scheelite ore beneficiation equipment beneficiationbeneficiat to extract the low-grade, disseminated scheelite with good recovery and beneficiation effect. But for the coarse disseminated, uneven distributed scheelite ore dressing, flotation method is not a good choice. The following shows why. The following picture is the trial in Forui lab, and much can be seen from it.


 The coarse-grained disseminated or uneven distributed scheelite ore can be pre-enrichment by gravity separators, even some high-quality scheelite ore dressing also can be done by gravity separator-jigger separator.

So we need to break conventional thoughts(flotation process), which requires huge investment and higher operating costs, besides the scheelite is fragile crystals, once over-crushed, the powdered scheelite is very hard to recovery. so the flotation ore dressing method is not the best choice for coarse-grained disseminated scheelite ore. Gravity separation is a good substitute way, because it just breake the ore and recover the scheelite crystals, and less over crush happens. Compared with flotation separation, gravity separation need less investment and operation costs.

In fact, different ores have different features, especially for some bonanza ores in Africa, so the beneficiation method should in accordance with specific circumstances. The appropriate ore dressing process and beneficiation equipment can help a lot with compared lower investment and more cost-effective. In a word, choose the right ore-dressing method before purchasing beneficiation equipment.

We would like to cooperate with you with our high quality ore dressing equipments and best services. Your visit to Forui will be highly appreciated for further cooperation and beneficiation test can be realized if samples can be available from you. 


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