Iron Ore Dressing

Iron Ore Dressing
The iron separator can be magnetic separator for magnetite iron ore, and gravity jigger separation is also used for its big capacity. Forui gravity iron separator can concentrate iron of all size range of 0-10mm, 10-30mm, 30-50mm. We are glad to do separation test for you with our iron separators.
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Iron ores in nature are mainly magnetite, hematite, limonite, specularite, pyrite, siderite. And for different iron, the beneficiation methods and iron separators are also different. The following picture shows an iron separation site:


For magnetite iron ore, magnetic separator is the first chosen iron separator that used to get high grade magnetite iron concentrate. The magnetite sand or sea iron sand in Southeast countries is usually upgraded by magnetic separator directly. And for rocky magnetite, crusher, even ball mill will be needed before magnetic separation. And the magnetic separator can be as the picture below:


For weak magnetic iron ore like hematite, limonite, specularite and siderite, both intensity magnetic separation and gravity separation shall be adopted. However, gravity separation is usually chosen because intensity magnetic separation needs a large investment with small handling capacity of each magnetic separator, while gravity separation can deal much more with large feeding size and excellent efficiency.

The following table is about several iron beneficiation projects of Forui in 2011:

Ore Type Country Original grade of TFe Final grade of TFe Capacity
Limonite Kuantan, Malaysia 47% 65-68% 40t/h
Specularite  Perak, Malaysia 50% 68% 30t/h
Specularite Hainan, China 46% 52-57% 400t/h

Here the gravity separation means jigging separation. Here is some brief introduction of iron jigger separators: jigger 2LTC912/4A, jigger AM30, jigger LTA1515/2.

 Jig-Concentrator  Jig-Machine-AM-30  jigger-LTA1010-2

Jig machine 2LTC912/4A  is kind of separation machine for lumpy iron ore of 30-50mm. This iron separator is used when it comes to iron mine of big blocky iron inlay;  iron separator jig machine AM30     is mainly for liberated iron blocks of 10-30mm to gain high quality lumpy iron concentrate; iron separator jig machine LTA1515/2 is mainly for iron mine of fine iron granules inlay.

These gravity iron separators can concentrate iron of all size range of 0-10mm, 10-30mm, 30-50mm. So generally for iron mine of weak magnetism, the processing can be as below:
♦ Rough crushing the raw ore to make smaller blocks;
♦ Fine crushing to liberate the iron granules;
♦ Screening the crushed ore to get different range of size;
♦ Feeding ore of different size rang into the corresponding iron separators such as jiggers LTC, jiggers AM, etc.;
♦ Dewatering of concentrate and tailings to gain final concentrate.

The iron separation flow sheet can be summed as below: 



Here is a picture about iron beneficiation site to share with you: 


And for some iron ores, there is water of crystallization in the iron concentrate, and this water can be removed for further upgrading by drying of rotary kiln.

Gongyi Forui Machinery Factory is a professional mining machinery manufacturer in Gongyi, China. We can provide customers with high quality iron separators like gravity separators, magnetic separator, crushers, dewatering screen, etc. You won’t fail to get the right iron separators in Forui Machinery.


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