Four roller crusher

Four roller crusher
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The introduction of four roller crusher
Four roller crusher is a kind of secondary crushing, fine grinding equipment. Four roller crusher is suitable for the finely work which compressive strength is less than 300 Mpa, the moisture is less than 30% of the solid material,Such as crushing all kinds of ores, coke, coal, ceramic material, slag, gypsum, salt, clay, chemical etc raw materials or with above fairly hardness type solid materials with the features of low maintenance costs,great breaking ratio, simple structure, reliable performance, little dust, low noise.
The working principle of four roller crusher
Four roller crusher is using high strength wear-resistant alloy rollers’ relative rotation generates high extrusion pressure to break material; the material firstly enters into the upper two rollers’ crushing chamber,by extrusion force of the upper rollers’ relative rotation, after first extruding and grinding (coarse broken);then materials immediately go into the relative rotation of the down two rollers, by using the extrusion pressure to do secondary extruding and grinding (fine broken), at last, the ideal broken particles discharged.
Combination type of four roller crusher
In accordance with the requirements of crushing granularity, the four roller crusher is divided into two kinds of combination models: A type: Upper smooth rollers & down smooth rollers; B type: Upper welded rollers & down smooth rollers.
The upper roller body adopts 45 # carbon steel casting, after heat treatment and roller surface through machining, then adopts wear-resisting material surfacing,The hardness (HRC) of the surfacing after cooling can reach 60-68 degrees,and the thickness of wear-resisting layer is 3-10 mm; Not only the abrasion resistance is good, but also the impact resistance is strong,the services life is about 6000 hours.If the surface of wear-resistant grinded concave,workers can use ordinary welding machine with wear-resistant electrode to do filling-in and reparation, it can be used continuously, do not need to replace the roller.
The down roller body adopts manganese and chromium alloy material,                                                                                            by using multi metal composite casting technology to cast,after heat treatmentand roller surface through machining, the roller is not only with good abrasion resistance and interchangeability, but also the impact resistance is strong,the normal service life is about 6000 hours.If the surface of roller grinded concave, workers can take apart the rollers, by using ordinary machine tool to repair, rollers can continue to use,until the roller wall thickness less than 30 mm, needs to be replaced.
Application offour roller crusher
Four roller crusher apply to the super finely work which crush the feed particle size less than 90 mmto the finished product granularity 100 mesh to 5 mm.Such as in mining industry, used four roller crusher to produce quartz powder, refined iron powder; In steel mill, used four roller crusher to manufacture coke powder; In cement plant, used four roller crusher to manufacture coal fines for rotary kiln; In Ceramic industry, used four roller crusher to break feldspar powder; In thermal power plant, used four roller crusher to crush limestone desulfurization; In building materials factory, used four roller crusher to manufacture gypsum powder; In chemical industry, used four roller crusher to crush all kinds of chemical raw materials; In Industrial Salt plant, used four roller crusher to crush salt powder; Or similar to the broken occasions.
Technical parameter of four roller crusher
Model Inlet size
Outlet size
Motor Power
Protection mode Transmission mode
4PG0404PT <20 0.2-10 2-30 7.5 11 spring V-belts/
4PG0605PT <40 0.2-10 5-60 22 30
4PG0806PT <60 0.2-10 8-90 30 37
4PG0809PT(Y) <60 0.2-10 12-120 37 45 Spring/
4PG0812PT(Y) <60 0.2-10 20-180 45 55
4PG1012PT(Y) <80 0.2-10 30-220 55 75
4PG1212PT(Y) <90 0.2-10 45-260 75 90
4PG1216PT(Y) <90 0.2-10 55-300 90 110
4PG1219PT(Y) <90 0.2-10 70-350 110 132
Remarks: Inner the technical parameter tablet, the outlet size range can be adjusted based on customer’s demand. Due to continuous technical improvements, the above data is for reference only; the actual data should be in line with CAD format drawings.
Model naming method (4PG0806PTas an example):
“4”represents four roller, “P” represents crusher, “G” represents roller type, “08”represents roller diameter (800mm), “06”represents roller width (600mm), “P” represents surfacing roll surface (represent flat roll surface), “T (Y)” represents spring protection (hydraulic protection).
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