Lead Ore Beneficiation Methods

Lead Ore Beneficiation Methods

There are lead oxide and lead sulfide of lead ore, and the main beneficiation methods can be flotation and gravity beneficiation according to the specific nature and characteristics of lead ore. Forui Machinery, as a professional manufacturer of mineral processing equipment, gives a brief introduction of lead ore beneficiation methods for your reference!

In fact, the special flotation process can be adopted for lead ores beneficiation, but there are still other mineral processing methods can be used to obtain the same effect with flotation method, for example the coarse-grained disseminated PbS ore (also called galena), can be proceessed by gravity separation. But for disseminated sulfide lead ore, gravity separation is unable to get the best results, while the flotation can be a good choice. 

Mineral flotation method is based on the different lipophilic properties of the ores. It has very strict requirements on the specific nature of the ore, and flotation machine needs huge investment, high production costs. It has very clear requirement on its grade, the under grade ore will cause huge losses by flotation method. Gravity separation is based on the difference in specific gravity betweent useful minerals and gangue, as long as there are obvious difference in specific gravity between the useful minerals and gangue, the separation can be achieved by crushing and screening useful minerals, then use jig concentrator or shaker and other heavy equipment for purification.

Well, Forui suggest customers choose the right beneficiation process of lead ore beneficiation based on the specific nature of the ore.  In order to meet customer demand, Fouri Machinery provides a small test platform, carrying out free beneficiation test for customers, and offers beneficiation process design and equipment configuration according to test results, contact us for more infomation, email:info@frmining.com 

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